Melanie Mayers' Time Management Techniques

#61 FIVE Time Management Techniques: Be A Time Management Queen!

Are you one of those people who wish there were more hours in a day just so you can finish everything you need and still have some time to relax and spend time with your family? Luckily, there’s a solution for that: implement these time management techniques!

In this episode of Mum to Millionaire podcast, queen of time management techniques, Melanie Mayers shares five simple tips on how you can be more productive and use your time wisely.
Melanie is a mum of 3 and managing director of Eden Mayers HR Consulting. She started off her business on a small scale while keeping her day job.



Do you ever feel like there never seems to be enough time in the day? We all get the same 24 hours every day, so how does some people manage to accomplish so much more with their time than others? The answer: proper time management.

Tip 1: Preparation is the key

Melanie makes sure that she prepares next day’s needs every night before they go to bed. According to her, preparation is the key because it takes away a lot of prep time the next morning.

From a work point of view, Melanie keeps a calendar to help her avoid getting distracted and ending up forgetting to do what she needed to that day.


Tip 2: Work in 90-minute intervals

Take a short break each time after working on a task for 90 minutes, not having any distraction keeps you focused on what you’re doing.

By putting  your phone on airplane mode will definitely increase your time management!


Tip 3: Stay in the moment

In whatever you’re doing, it’s important to just try to focus on it, so try to stay in the moment. Because we’re in a society where we’re so used to there always being a response to everything straight away, we often feel like we have to respond to things straight away, but truth is we don’t have to.

Amazing opportunities come when we’re in the moment. Listen to what people are saying, take in everything that’s happening around you.


Tip 4: Slow progress is still progress

A lot of the times when we talk about setting up a business we instantly think about the huge list of things that needs to be done. Just be intentional about what you are doing, no matter how slow or fast you are going. If you plan your actions properly, you can get everything done.

Another thing you have to remember is if you don’t start you’re not going to make any progress. It’s all about continuously doing it, and improving and taking your time that will help you achieve what you want in life.


Tip number 5: Make time for yourself

The point is you do have to be healthy & have a balanced life. Very often, we work non stop, worry about a lot of things, worry about the kids, make sure the house is clean, but rarely make time for ourself. Does this sound like you?

You have to find a way to do something that you like to do, something that gives you a bit of peace and gives you a bit of mind space, especially if you’re running a business because it’s a real hard work and can be really stressful at times.

This may not sound like a time management technique, but it really is! If you end up getting ill or completely exhausted you are going to have to take off a lot of time from your business.

So, if you have no energy within you, it still has to come from somewhere. Therefore, you really need to make sure you eat well, you rest well and you take care of yourself, PLEASE

Aside from following these time management techniques, you also need to have a good support system. Even if it’s just two or three people because it’s simply hard to do all things by yourself.


'Have faith in yourself. You’ve got your skills, you know what you need to do. '

These time management techniques only work if you truly believe in what you can do. Have faith in yourself and in your skills. It does take time to get a business off the ground, but if you put in the time and you’re consistent, you will succeed.



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