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#31: SIX TIME MANAGEMENT tips for busy parents

David Thomas is a Dad of 2 with forty years of experience working in the media industry. He started a training business when his daughters were toddlers (hats off to him!) and now he counts Channel 4, the BBC and many others as his clients

As busy parents and Mumpreneurs wanting to run successful businesses we are all time poor. David is here to teach us 6 time management tips that really work!

I know you’re busy with the kids, growing your business, social media, life in general but remember we are all in the same boat.

STOP making excuses and saying ‘I don’t have time’

If you really want to do something in your life, you’ll make the time to do it.

Manage your time effectively will all these fantastic time management techniques, enjoy! Veena xx






This is my favourite time management tip and has really changed the way I live my life! I do slip up now and again but because I know this works I try my up most best to do this every day.

The one touch approach is whenever you touch something you then actually do something with it!

So if you touch a receipt in your bag for a business expense, you write what it’s for and file it straight away – no excuses & certainly no ‘I’ll do it later’!!

With emails – If you read an email decide what to do with it there and then – reply, delete or move to a folder




Decide how you’re going to split up your timetable for personal life and business life. Don’t confuse the two.

There’s 3 parts to your life – working and earning; working and not earning; personal life


david thomas media shares time management tips for parents, mompreneurs and entrepreneurs



My son is at school so managing my time between 9am – 3pm is up to me. I don’t have an excuse or I can’t blame anyone! However, what if you’ve started your business when your children are still young? What time management tip can you implement?

David explains in the podcast how he got his children involved with making them understand that Daddy is working from home. His daughters made him a sign (image below) and every time David needed to work they would put the sign on the door – they loved it!

time management tip for parents and mumpreneurs

Explain that you have to have peace and quiet sometimes to work because then you can earn money for sweets!


4. Keep paperwork to a minimum – AND DO IT AS YOU GO ALONG!!

You can save so much time by making templates for emails, invoices, anything that you do over and over again.

Keep income and business-related expenses up to date on a weekly basis!

I have been so good at this but then one week I didn’t do it and now I can see a pile of torn receipts out the corner of my eye – argh!! The podcast episode below has lots more time management tips when it comes to filing your tax return.

How to do tax returns mumpreneur

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A great time management tip which is combined with keeping you sane! Is, have two of everything to really separate your business time for your family time.

Have two phones, two email addresses, two user accounts in your computer.

David Thomas mentions in the podcast that he switches his work phone off at the weekends and when he’s working he’ll switch off his personal phone – a fab time management technique so you don’t get distracted!



In every time management article you’ll read this over & over again. The truth is this time management tip really does work BUT you need to make a realistic to do list every day.

Make your lists really short – and write down how long each task is going to take you. David’s was;
E.G. Prepare for Veena’s podcast – half and hour in the diary!
E.G. Call 5 potential clients – 1 hour

Thank you so much to David for these 6 time management tips that busy parents can implement and will really make a difference. Tweet us and let us know what tips you are going to try.






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  • Calculate your time (not just income) – if you sell 10 celebration cakes for £100, everyone knows you
    have to knock off the cost of the ingredients to work out profit (e.g. 100 minus 20 = £80). But I’m
    always surprised how many people don’t think about the time. If it took you 8 hours to make those
    cakes you’re paying yourself £10 per hour. But what about the time talking to the clients, packing
    up the goods, delivering etc…


  • Don’t feel guilty about taking a break from your business. Don’t feel guilty about taking a break from your family. Also really watch your mental and physical health


  • You CAN have it all, but not at exactly the same time!


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