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#52 The Truth About Being A Single Mum With Celebrity Stylist Tiwa Jenyo

What’s it really like being a single mum?

In this episode of Mum to Millionaire Podcast, celebrity stylist and single mum Tiwa Jenyo shares her journey, her struggles and the rewards of being a single mum of two and having a flourishing career.

Tiwa started out with just one client, which eventually progressed into numerous projects – from fashion shows and campaigns to music videos and even film.

On finding new clients:

Tiwa is very persistent in doing research, trying to find contacts and genuinely getting in touch with people.

“In terms of getting a client, it really is about networking.”


Now let’s get down to the core. Here are some of the truths every single mum knows deep inside but sometimes fails to acknowledge:


Single Mum Truth #1: Being occupied with many responsibilities, many mothers tend to keep to themselves and stay away from other people.

For Tiwa, this led to her being a little bit of a recluse. By attending networking events, she was able to meet some amazing people, including her now mentor, who changed her views about herself and her real potential.


Single Mum Truth #2: Mums have a lot of power within them, but sometimes they forget that.

Self-belief gave Tiwa the confidence to go out and meet people.

According to her, the strategy to being a single mum with a successful career is to create a strong network who can provide support and help you with your responsibilities when you need to attend to your professional commitments.


Single Mum Truth #3: It’s okay not to be with your Kids 24/7.

Mums have to also find a way to detach themselves from their kids every once in a while. This is especially true for single mums. If the father is willing, you should create a structure wherein they can share the responsibility of looking after the child as well. This is going to be a hard, but you also have to see the bigger picture.


Single Mum Truth #4: One of the biggest challenges of being single mum with a successful career is finding balance with time.

Now with the increase in demand for her services, Tiwa is wanting to spend more time with her kids but finds it a little difficult to do so.



One step forward

“If you have all the money in the world, what will you do?”

A huge part of Tiwa’s success is attributed to having a goal, seeing the big picture, but then taking things one step at a time. Doing this gave her time to carefully make a plan before ticking each item off the list one by one.

The way to make up something of yourself is to look at the smaller picture and use repetition to get to the bigger picture.



Positive affirmation is very important. Believe that you have something to offer. Once you can show that self-belief to someone, you’re always going to be able to do what you wanted to do. If you fall down that’s okay, just make sure you get back up and keep going.



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Did you enjoy this podcast episode? I hope you’re able to catch a few important points about how to be successful despite the challenges of being a single mum. The key takeaways are to never stop believing in yourself and to just keep doing your best. You are awesome and the world needs to see that!


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