Top Tips on Immunisations from Actress Terri Dwyer

I HATE needles and injections and have to actually close my eyes when my son has his immunizations done, I should be strong for the both of us but I just can’t. I feel so bad as he is the one having the injections, not me!

If you’re like me, fear not. Here are some top tips from actress, presenter and yummy mummy Terri Dwyer.

Top Tips on getting Immunisations done for your child

  1. Remember that you are doing the best for your child
    • It’s natural to worry about your child being in pain but I kept reminding myself that I was giving them long‐term protection with each immunisation.


  2. Try to stay calm
    • Maybe my acting background helped here, but I definitely think children pick up your mood, so even if you’re worried sick, try to put on a happy face so you don’t pass on your fear to your child. Concentrate on them and how they feel and you’ll forget your own fears.


  3. Get advice from a professional
    • Your GP or practice nurse will understand how anxious you are. I found talking to them prior to having the boys immunized really useful as it helped me understand what was going to happen. It also helped take my mind of it! If you can’t get to your surgery in advance, try your local pharmacist. There may be products they can suggest to help before and after the immunization.


  4. Brave face.
    • I hate needles myself and am really worried about passing my fear onto my children so try to put on a brave face – anything I can do to help make this a less painful process for both of us is great! By using a numbing product I feel I am helping to reduce the pain of the needle.


  5. Preparation is key
    • Like most mums I’m always running around after my children but I think it’s vital to take time out to prepare for an immunization appointment with their favourite toys to distract them and a treat for afterwards.


  6. Get family and friends to support you
    • Immunizations can be so stressful for mums so make sure you get recognition from those around you and don’t be too hard on yourself if you find it upsetting. It’s hard to see someone stick a needle in your baby so make sure you get plenty of reassurance!

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