Sam Mann

Sam Mann on her Pregnancy Secrets and advice from bestfriend Denise Van Outen

Sam Mann is a presenter, showbiz reporter and a busy mum. I traveled up to North London and popped into Sam’s lovely home when she was full on pregnant!

We chat about her unplanned pregnancy, morning sickness & what advice her bestfriend Denise Van Outen has been giving her. Plus Sam gives us her top tips on being pregnant.

In between filming the videos, Sam watched me change my son’s nappies and asked me how do I know what to do – I replied ‘I don’t! I just learn how to be a parent on a minute by minute basis!’

Sam Mann is a regular guest on This Morning, Sky News and Daybreak

Sam Mann’s top 3 Pregnancy Tips

  1. Get a really good pregnancy book
    • It doesn’t have to be too technical. Get something that says all the things you should and shouldn’t do during pregnancy. What you can and can’t eat. Also the book will keep you busy during those next nine months!
  2. Enjoy your pregnancy
    • My pregnancy has flown by – its gone so quick. Enjoy every moment of it, especially when your baby is kicking and moving around inside you. You will never feel that again….until of course you become pregnant again!
  3. Talk to baby
    • It’s important for your baby to hear your voice. It will be able to hear your voice and even before he / she can hear it’s still important to get into that mode. Radiate positive energy to your unborn child.


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