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How to raise an Olympian

The Olympics has turned me into more of an emotional wreck than I already am! All of Team GB are doing amazingly and in their countless amounts of interviews they have all mentioned one thing – the support from their parents.

It takes an athlete an immense amount of hard work to become an Olympian but as Usain Bolt, Victoria Pendelton or Greg Rutherford win their Gold Medals remember who helped to get them their from the day they were born. The unsung heroes of the Olympics – The hardworking Mums and Dads who spent every last penny on their childrens sporting dreams, taking them to every training session and being their as a shoulder to cry on through every disappointment.

VIPregnancy salutes every Mum and Dad of our Olympic Champions. GO TEAM GB!!

Alison Powell, the Mum of Gold Medallist Jessica Ennis, speaks about her daughter and what has made her successful.

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