VIDEO: My son’s 4th Birthday Party!

I can’t believe my son is now 4 years old! These have been the most challenging, difficult, yet rewarding 4 years of my life. I decided to throw a birthday party at my home and had 24 children and adults in my house. It sounds manic but I loved having all my family and friends over. This was the first party I’ve ever organized so I was quite proud of myself. Big pat on the back for me!

A tip when organizing a child’s party – invite more adults! This is to keep yourself sane but also have some adult company. Plus you’ll have built in babysitters and won’t feel stressed to keep your eyes constantly on all the children! All my friends had a lovely time even though they were surrounded by children running riot – bear in mind none of my friends have kids!

Take a look at the cake in my video – my best friend made that and it tasted amazing. Making the cake was much cheaper than buying one and nothing beats a homemade Victoria sponge cake. I’m getting cravings just talking about it!

I would highly recommend thinking about having a party at your house. You will save a ton of money, it’s fun, you’re in control and the best bit you don’t have to go anywhere.

Here’s a video with my best friend about what happened, we also talk men and she sings for us too!

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