How to watch films for free

How to watch films for free at home

The weather hasn’t been amazing up until recently. It meant all I wanted to do was cuddle up on the sofa with my son and watch fun, family films together. Another bonus is my son stays still for 90 minutes and I get to relax!

One of my sayings is ‘Why buy something full price when you can get it for cheaper (or even better) for FREE!’

So I’ve come up with a way that you can watch films for free for a minimum of 3 months – this is my tried and tested method!

You can watch films for free on Netflix, Lovefilm and Now TV. They all give you a free trial where you can watch films for free for 30 days. You have to sign up and give your bank details but no payment will be taken if you cancel before the month is up.

watch films for free

I even managed to get two months free film wathching out of Netflix’s. I did this by signing up once with my credit card and then once through my Mum’s facebook – cheeky I know but it works and that’s being thrifty at its best!

If you are considering actually signing up to any of them I would 100% chose Now TV – I LOVE it! Its very easy to use, has the largest range of films and has films 12 months before Netflix and Lovefilm.

I would rate Lovefilm as the worst (out of the three) as I found it slightly more difficult to use and it didn’t have a lot of popular films like ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic’ – this is one of my must watch films to cheer me up and they didn’t have it! Big thumbs down when all I wanted to do was eat ice cream and watch a nice rom com to make me feel happy.

So go on, watch films for free and let me know what new movies you’ve discovered! Warning, it can become slightly addictive. Over the last couple of months, I’ve watched everything from ‘The Incredibles’ to ‘How to lose a guy in 10 days’ to even ‘Bambi!’ One film that I just watched and would highly recommend to make you appreciate life and see the world in a different way is ‘A little bit of heaven.’ It stars Kate Hudson who does a fantastic job and without giving anything away you will need plenty of tissues.



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