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#32: FOUR WAYS TO CONFIDENTLY promote your business

After having a child you can feel that your confidence has taken a knock. You will be a successful businesswoman and Mum, you just need to start believing in yourself. If other people can do it, SO CAN YOU. This podcast episode is all about how you can feel confident in promoting your business.

Because if you don’t do it, no one will.

Sometimes I meet people and think WOW they are great at their job! Today’s guest is just that! She’s loves her work, she’s great at it and it shines through immensely.

Ronke Lowal is the owner of Ariatu PR and mentor for the Cherie Blair Foundation. She’s been a partner in a fashion label, worked in the corporate world and used to be the chief executive of the Chamber of Commerce in Islington.

I first became aware of Ronke when she emailed me saying she would love her client to be featured on the Mum to Millionaire podcast. I was really impressed with her attitude to deliver her clients the best service and just the way she was chasing up and communicating.

So I thought – heck yeah –  I want her on the show!


Quick tips to get things done

  • Get organised – get on top of your emails. Delete, respond or file straight away
  • Turn off your notifications on your phone – it distracts you from your tasks
  • Focus
  • Be effective and friendly when you communicate – don’t be afraid to pick up the phone


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Be confident in your business

  1. Know what you are trying to sell – What are your core values, what’s the ethos
  2. Know who your customers are – Be confident in your market research
  3. Get your message out there – PR, Social Media, Build a mailing list, get featured in the press
  4. Be so confident that you aren’t scared to share other people’s content or collaborate with others





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