What to do when your toddler gets into a tantrum!

I never thought my own flesh and blood would throw the most horrible tantrums! I keep asking myself what have I done? Have I given him too much attention? Have I been too strict with him?

The truth is on my travels through many different shopping centers I’ve seen LOTS of toddlers throw a tantrum, they just vary on different levels of loudness and length! I have even cried before, yes my own son has made me cry several times.

Recently they have got worse. Many people I talk to say ‘oh just leave him, walk away, he will get up from the floor and follow you.’ Now this used to work but now he just doesn’t care. He will run and run and run and RUN!

We were recently in Nandos, while me and my best friend were sitting down waiting for the food my son was just running around the restaurant laughing. I finally managed to get him to sit at the table by distracting him with coloring pencils. It was then calm. It was calm for all of 10 seconds then he decides to run out of Nandos all the way to Toy R Us, which is about a five minute run away! He didn’t look back once, he just kept running and running. I didn’t even see him go in Toys R Us but naturally guessed he would go there.

I was fuming. I was hot. I was tired.

I just had to sprint down the road in heels.

That wasn’t the end of it. I then had to find him in the toy store, at this point I was emotional as I thought what if he’s not even in here. I eventually found him, wondering around and then  was the next mission to get him out of the store with all his kicking, shouting and head butting.


When my son was a cute little baby, I never knew it would result in this! If you have been in this situation share your story on facebook with me. Would love to know how you cope when your toddler gets into a tantrum!

Update – My son is now at school and doesn’t get into tantrums. He has calmed down drastically and I think a lot of it is to do with how I react to him, I don’t shout as much now and also he is growing up! He is very aware that he is now a ‘big boy’ and is not with the ‘babies’ in nursery.

My 5 golden tips – what to do when your toddler gets into a tantrum 

  • DISTRACTION – Before anything escalates, always distract your child by playing eye spy or talking about something you’re doing later. Make up a pretend game, just do anything to keep them distracted! BUT do not bribe them with sweets


  • STAY CALM – This is much easier said than done (Trust me, I know) but this is key


  • BE IN CONTROL – You are the adult so do the adult thing and don’t resort to their tactics!


  • PRAISE – I tell my son I love him so much and that he is so good when he is good! He now understands that when he does throw a tantrum that I will not be nice.


  • TALK – Remember you are NOT ALONE. Talk to other parents and get support from family members or friends. Stay happy and remember this is just a phase. It will NOT last forever. Trust me, I really do know!

Get even more advice on how to deal with tantrums from guest blogger Becca


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