what is global developmental delay

Does Your Child Have Global Developmental Delay (GDD)

What is Global Developmental Delay?

Global developmental delay (also known as GDD) is when a child is not meeting the milestones that a child of the same age would normally meet. GDD can apply to physical, learning or communication delays. It could be short-term, significant or profound.

Our guest today explains what profound Global Developmental Delay means for her daughter. Her daughter is about to turn 5 but as she has GDD, she is typically operating around half her age.

In terms of physical milestones, her daughter learned to walk at 3 years and 9 months (amazing!) and this was even more emotional and exciting for our guest due to the GDD diagnosis.

A child with Global Developmental Delay requires more support, provisions and therapy to help them thrive and reach their highest potential. Your child could experience short-term or long-term GDD.

Being a parent of a child with GDD may be full of challenges but your child chose YOU to help them. You are an amazing Mum. Get the support you and your child deserve and focus on creating a happy life. I learned so much in today’s episode about GDD and you will be totally inspired by today’s featured Mum. She is beautiful inside and out and I hope you will take her perspective and experience of Global Developmental Delay into your own life.

What we cover in this episode

  • How do you know if your child has GDD
  • When can you expect your GDD child to hit their milestones
  • How it feels as a parent to get the news your child has Global Development Delay
  • What provisions are available for you
  • What MED13L Syndrome is, only 70 people in the world have it
  • Why we believe our children chose us to be their parent
  • How to get help and support for your Global developmental delay
  • Why saying affirmations and gratitude are so important for any child
  • The power of our subsconscious mind
  • Advice and tips on embracing your amazing GDD child

Our guest is an incredible woman. Teresha Young is a Relationship Master Coach, who helps single professional and entrepreneurial women to confidently achieve a loving relationship where they feel secure, alive and in their feminine energy.

Take a look at Teresha Young’s website here

Teresha mentioned the charity ‘Playskill’ who helped her daughter so much by providing occupational therapists, speech and language therapists, and continuous support and intervention before and during the lockdown.


These are the affirmations Teresha says to her daughter, I think it would be great if you say them to your children and to yourself


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