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Fighting For Your Child’s Education

Are you struggling to get help and support for your child at school? This episode is jam-packed with advice on how to get the best out of your child’s school and we talk self-care tips for parents.

You’ll definitely want to save this episode for future reference as we talk about so many things including; how to fight for the right education and support for your child, how to best communicate with schools to get the best outcomes, what is the power structure in a school, what should a school do to transition your child from primary to secondary school, what is an EHCP and what happens in an EHCP annual review meeting, what’s it really like to be a teacher we touch on ADHD and so much more.

Our guest, Sue Smith, is an amazing Clinical Hypnotherapist and Educational Advocate with over 30 years of experience in the education sector.


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Welcome to the Mum To Millionaire Podcast – Supporting mums through adversity. We cover hard-hitting issues and help you to use your voice and RECLAIM YOUR POWER. After my son was excluded 7 times, abandoned by his school and I was bullied by people in ‘authority’ for asking for help. I am now on a mission to raise awareness for the thousands of children who are currently not in education and to empower their parents who are fighting to keep going.

Whether you’ve been through a divorce, experienced domestic abuse, had challenges with your children – this is the podcast for mums to connect and conquer together.