#42 Take your business offline and start a POP UP!

I had never thought of setting up a pop up shop but after talking to my amazing Mumpreneur guest today it seems like such a great idea.

The beautiful, Jessica Laditan is a Mum of 2 and owner of Pop up Africa. She helps businesses sell their products at her pop up events. So rather than you having to get a license to sell your products or invest a huge amount of money to rent a premises – you can take your products offline and become a pop up shop for the day. Hurrah!



   podcast for mums        podcast for mums


Why start a pop up?

  • Get your product in front of new customers
  • Face to face communication. It’s great working from home and having an online business but it’s still important to get out and meet people (especially if your child is with you at home constantly getting into tantrums!)
  • Brand awareness & another avenue to get your product seen. Yes social media is powerful but so is physically getting your product in front of people



  • Make to do lists for your Mum duties and for your business – Set yourself day to day realistic goals



  • Massive thanks to our guest Jessica Laditon, founder of Pop Up Africa
  • Check out my product and see how it can help you make great videos YT CLUB TRIPOD




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