periscope tips for beginners with danielle ford and veena v mumpreneur

#41 FIVE unmissable PERISCOPE TIPS for business

The power of periscope is something that businesses can’t underestimate. I’m in LOVE with the live streaming app and I’m sure you will be too. These periscope tips for beginners will really help you to get started.

My amazing guest today is, Danielle Ford. She had her first child at the age of 17, dropped out of college, started her skincare business at the age of 23 and is now an online marketing strategist with over 11,000 periscope followers.

LOVE HER, she’s an inspiration to all young mums and proves what you can achieve if you just TAKE ACTION TODAY, not tomorrow.



Periscope tips for business

  • Use the same username as twitter (remember twitter owns periscope)
  • Put hashtags in the titles of your periscope broadcasts – this is powerful as your broadcast will then come up in twitter search
  • Use a max of 2 hashtags in your title
  • Introduce who you are in every periscope broadcast. Remember new people will discover you every time you broadcast, so just like when you meet someone in ‘real life’ say hello and talk briefly about what you do
  • A big periscope tip to get more followers is to tell people why they should follow you. Danielle Ford will help you with your online marketing and Veena V (yes I just wrote my own name!) will help you become more confident and creative on youtube


  • Talk to your followers – ask them questions to find out how you can help them
  • Another big periscope tip for business owners is to get on periscope NOW – its still a new platform, so be an early adopter of it. You can really be an expert in your niche and people will want to watch you on periscope.
  • THE REPLAY – Your broadcasts on periscope are deleted after 24 hours. So, make sure you promote your broadcasts on other social media, your blog, your mailing list and say when it will disappear!
  • Tell your existing customers / followers you are now on periscope!






  • Start making professional periscopes today with the YT CLUB tripod – it fits any phone and you can record your periscope broadcasts in portrait or landscape mode
  • I love helping you become more confident and creative on youtube – Follow me on periscope for my daily broadcasts to get you to take action!

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