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#24 Are you Marketing your business properly?

Marketing your business is more than having just a great logo.

Laura Morris is Mum of 2 (one is currently in her tummy – congrats!) and is the owner of Educate Business and co-founder of Networking Mummies – she has managed to build a nationwide business starting right at the bottom. Truly inspiring. Love everything about her and you’ll love this episode – practical marketing advice for Business Mums



  • Branding is everything – your logo, your ethos, how do you want people to feel
  • Know who you are targeting
  • There is NO EXCUSE to not market your your business – You must make time for it
  • Be VERY strict with your time – set a timer and set one task for every 30 minutes
  • Talk about what you are doing, achievements in your business – update your social media accounts consistently
  • Have a video on the homepage of your website so people can relate to you straight away – 72% of people are more likely to buy from you if you have a video


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Make a list of all the keywords relating to your business. Laura’s are; Affordable, Business solutions, PR, Press Releases, Mentoring

Use your keywords when you’re tweeting, blogging, talking to potential customers and in marketing materials.


Laura Morris Mumpreneur founder networking mummies


Thank you so much to Laura Morris for all her fab marketing tips – I love the tip about setting a timer for each task, this will instantly make you more productive!


Laura Morris Marketing agency & helping Mums at Networking Mummies

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