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#25 Marketing for Busy Business Mums

Hi Beautiful, as you know we are rushed off our feet with looking after our children AND running a business.

There is never going to be more hours in the day, so let’s stop thinking about that! Instead let’s focus on the time we do have and make working on our business as efficient as possible.

Stacey Adamiec is Mum of 1 and serial entrepreneur – She is the CEO of Revue Studios in Swansea. I LOVE her aura and how genuine she is – we ended up talking for another hour after recording this podcast! I can really see her dance studio and workplace for Mums business being rolled out across the country – Can’t wait to see that happen xx



  • Don’t get overwhelmed with the online world. Instead make social media work for you


  • Set up an account on all social media networks but chose 1 or 2 to focus on first


  • Use social media automation tools like hootsuite, buffer & meet edgar


  • Be consistent on social media


  • Try facebook marketing – It finds your target customers. Saving you LOTS of time trying to find potential customers yourself


  • As a busy business mum, it’s hard to find the time to go to all those networking events but remember offline networking is important – chose one event to go to once a month


  • The money is in the list! Start collecting email addresses from your customers – email marketing is still so powerful. Find the time to send one email a week


Stacey Adamiec mum entrepreneur

Marketing for busy Mums takeaway’s

  • GET GOOD SYSTEMS IN PLACE – Make use of online tools
  • FIND TIME IN YOUR DAY – Sitting down whilst waiting for the dinner to cook? Jump on twitter & network
  • TAKE HALF A DAY TO LEARN SOMETHING – It will save you time in the long run



  • THANK YOU so much to Stacey Adamiec – fab tips for business Mums. Stacey is the founder of Revue Studios
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